Local Maps

Boulder County has so many amazing opportunities to get outside and enjoy our 300+ days of sunshine each year. The lists below will help you find just the right location to get out on your own, with friends/family, with your dog[s], or on your bike.

There is so much to do around here!

Boulder County Bikeways Map. Boulder County has more than 300 days of sunshine as well as more than 300 miles of dedicate bikeways.

Boulder Creek Path Map. Start in the plains and end in the mountains, by bike or by foot.  

Boulder County Parks & Open Space Property Map. Programming for families, loads of trails and so much more. 

Boulder County Parks & Open Space Trails Map. Boulder County offers an extensive trail system. 

Boulder County Parks & Open Space Property Map. Boulder County has an amazing amount of property to enjoy. 

City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks Trails. Boulder is known for their extensive parks and trail systems. 

Boulder Neighborhoods Map. Boulder County has a wide range of neighborhoods. Check out incomes, housing prices, and boundaries here.


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